Youtube Videos on recovering from oesophageal and gastric cancer surgery and treatment

Quality information on the internet on recovering from oesophageal and gastric cancer treatment is difficult to find.  I recommend these youtube videos to help understand aspects of treatment.   I hope you find them informative and interesting to watch.    Please note these patients were treated in other UK centres and not by me.

Brian Papworth

It took Brian a while to bring a sense of normality back into his life. He explains how little steps back into eating, drinking, walking and driving let him regain his freedom and this is part of a slow building process. It has been 3 months since Brian’s surgery but with lots of encouragement he has come a long way!

John Bee

John talks about the recovery process after major surgery. He mentions fatigue on exertion. John found after chemotherapy he had altered sensation in the hands, feet and face (numbness and temperature sensation). Regarding eating he is eating small meals frequently but with trouble swallowing white bread.

Brian Sheppard

Brian Shepard was diagnosed with Oesophageal cancer then later with lung cancer. Here he discusses his recovery after surgery for oesophageal cancer and his later turn to work as a builder.

Norman Thompson

Norman explains how his diagnosis came about and his emotional reaction after he was told of an oesophageal cancer in 2010. The overall experience he had with chemotherapy and including some of the side effects he had to cope with. Also he explains the stages of his surgical treatment and the success of the treatment. Following surgery he tells how he coped at home with various types of food and how he learned to deal with his own body. Explains the way he managed to keep his weight stable with the advise of a dietician . He gives his overall experience of the medical care received and the support from his family as well as the usefulness of patient support groups.

Gary Ashdown

Gary gives his account on his diagnosis of oesophagus cancer in 2007, after having a trial of endoscopy . He explains how his diagnosis was picked up and the type of operation he had. Following the operation he explains how he coped at home and the time it took for him to adjust after having the operation. He tells us the overall quality of life and the problems he had to face with certain foods and having complications such as change in taste .In the case of learning about appetite he explains how he managed to use different strategies to monitor his daily intake. Also the effects of low appetite and how he managed to keep his weight stable. Gary gives his experience regarding the cancer support group and how he continued his normal daily activities


Roger Pettit discusses his Oesophageal cancer


Joyce Bottomley discusses her Gastric cancer


David Stewart discusses his advanced stomach (gastric) cancer