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Mr Ewen Griffiths, consultant general and gastrointestinal surgeon at The Edgbaston Hospital in Birmingham wrote about Happiness in the Upper Gastrointestinal System in Yahoo Style online magazine.   Please see the link below for the article. Your stomach They say you can eat your way to happiness by consuming the right kind of foods, but how content you are has an effect on your stomach health too. “If you are happy, your body is more likely to carefully swallow, digest and process a range of foods without any ill effects, acid reflux or indigestion,” explains Mr Ewen Griffiths, consultant general and gastrointestinal surgeon at The Edgbaston Hospital in Birmingham. “Interestingly, an unhappy mind and stress can significantly affect the gastrointestinal tract,” Dr Griffiths continues. “For example irritable bowel syndrome or indigestion and reflux are known to be much worse if you are stressed or anxious.” If you’re at all concerned he suggests getting checked by a medical [...]


Art Group

Upper GI Art Group A Turn for the Better is a collaborative art project between an artist, a surgeon and a group of patients recovering from treatment and surgery for oesophageal or gastric cancer, and their carers and relatives. Some of the the images and narratives on this website are from diaries and records that the patients kept before, during and after their diagnosis and treatment.  Other images and texts come from a series of workshops with the artist where practical and emotional experiences were explored to enable her to make a permanent piece of work for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham . The intention is to raise awareness of the innovative work that expert doctors perform and the difference it makes to peoples lives. Read more about it here:


Upper Gastrointestinal Patient Group

Upper GI Patient Support Group; 28th March 2018 It was a pleasure to see the Upper GI Patient Support Group at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital on Wednesday.  They were raising awareness of the early symptoms of oesophageal and gastric cancer by talking to the public and distributing leaflets.   A bucket collection to raise vital funds for oesophageal and gastric cancer patients treated at the hospital was also in progress.    I got the opportunity to be interviewed for the local hospital radio to discuss the importance of early diagnosis in this cancer and it was a pleasure to discuss this on BHBN Hospital Radio. Please find further details about the patient support group here as they meet on a regular basis at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (Picture of June, Jim, Les and Val from the UHB patient support group)

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