Cholecystectomy or Gallbladder Surgery

What is a Cholecystectomy? Cholecystectomy or surgical removal of the gallbladder was previously a 'general surgical' operation that the majority of general surgeons would offer. Nowadays, however, its considered a specialist procedure because in some cases it can be a challenging and difficult procedure. How do you choose a gallbladder surgeon? When choosing a gallbladder surgeon make sure that they; have the following skill sets: Perform the procedure on a regular basis - i.e more than around 50 cases per year Are skilled enough to offer emergency procedures; as usually only the most comfortable surgeons will cholecystectomy will offer emergency procedures Offer intra-operative cholangiography (this is X-ray test which can be performed at the time of surgery to check either anatomy or whether any common bile duct stones are present); again only the most expert of gallbladder surgeons will offer this procedure. Some offer this test routinely, others selectively. Have access to a team of [...]