Oesophago-gastric Cancer

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This section provides information on patients who have oesophageal (gullet) or gastric (stomach) cancer.  Mr Griffiths’ outcome for this surgery is available on the NHS Consultant Outcomes website and is extremely good compared compared the national average for this demanding and complex surgery.

Oesophageal and stomach cancer diagnosis and treatment is complex and performed in Specialist Cancer Centres, like the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. Mr Griffiths is a member of a team of surgeons and other professionals called a multidisciplinary team (MDT) which can deliver this service in Birmingham for patients with these cancers.  The MDT includes specialist oncologists, radiologists, gastroenterologists, dieticians, specialist nurses and other specialists.  They routinely treat and manage patients with oesophageal and stomach cancer.  Often complex patients diagnosed in other units are sent to us for our specialist expertise.

Make An Appointment

In order to make an initial private appointment with Mr Ewen Griffiths, at BMI Edgbaston to discuss surgery, it is desirable to have a referral from your GP, but not essential.