Groin Hernia Recovery

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This section provides information for patients undergoing common hernia operation of the groin. Mr Griffiths performs both keyhole and laparoscopic operations for common hernias and is a specialist hernia surgeon who is a member of the British Hernia Society.


British Hernia Society patient information sheet on groin hernia surgery

This is a comprehensive patient information sheet on groin hernias (these are inguinal and femoral hernias). It is produced by the ‘British Hernia Society’ and contains information regarding what a hernia is, surgical options (keyhole and open surgery information) and risks of the procedures.
British Hernia Society Patient Information
Adobe Acrobat document [1.6 MB]

Groin hernias can be repaired in different ways:

By using traditional open surgery or ‘keyhole’ / minimal invasive surgery.  Their are pros and cons of each operation.   Please see the videos below which detail information on both these repair methods:

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In order to make an initial private appointment with Mr Ewen Griffiths, at BMI Edgbaston to discuss surgery, it is desirable to have a referral from your GP, but not essential.