Keyhole and traditional surgery
Keyhole and traditional surgery

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Consultant General Surgeon, Birmingham, UK



I work at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital as an NHS Consultant and at the BMI Edgbaston Hospital (Private).   I specialise in General Surgery (Abdominal Hernias, Lump and Bumps, Emergency Surgery) and Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery (Reflux disease, Hiatus Hernia, Gallbladder diseases, Oesophageal and Gastric Cancer, Achalasia).  I also perform diagnostic and therapeutic upper gastrointestinal endoscopy.


This website includes information to help patients understand the Upper Gastrointestinal and General Surgical Operations I perform.  I do hope this information is helpful.


Inaddition, this website mainly contains research material which I have produced during my surgical career.  My MD thesis is available for download. In addition details of peer reviewed publications which I have carried out are detailed.  These include orginal papers, review articles , case reports and letters.


The site is for educational and research purposes only and does not in any way replace medical advice given in consultation with a qualified medical practitioner.   Please phone either my NHS or Private secretaries for details of how a clinical appointment can be obtained; this usually requires a GP referral.   An NHS Choose and Book service is available for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (Upper GI and General Surgical problems) and BMI Edgbaston Hospital (Groin hernias and Dyspepsia / Upper GI symptoms only).   I'm registered with most private insurance companies and you can also be seen privately as a 'self pay' patient. 


I value all comments, suggestions and feedback.  So if you would like to contact me, please do so via the contacts pages.   Individual patient feedback is also very welcome.   So if you have seen me as a patient at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital or the BMI Edgbaston Hospital, you can give feedback via the 'I want great care' website, using the link. 


I look forward to hearing from you.


Ewen Griffiths



The newer 6mm (very fine) endoscopes can be placed through the nose for better patient tolerance and comfort

Mr Ewen Griffiths is a JAG accredited Upper GI Endoscopy and regularly performs both diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy.  

Read more about this here



                Abdominal hernia

Abdominal hernia occur in all shapes and sizes; and varying positions within the abdomen and groin

I commonly operate on abdominal hernias both using laparoscopic (keyhole) and traditional open techniques.  

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Hiatus hernia and reflux

This image is a barium swallow investigation showing a very large hiatus hernia.

 Even large hernias likely this can now be repaired with keyhole surgery. Mr Griffiths routinely performs keyhole surgery for small and large abdominal hernias and reflux.  Click here to read about anti-reflux surgery or hiatus hernia.   Specific dietary advice after surgery can be found here

Keyhole Surgery

Most abdominal surgery can be performed via small incisions (keyhole surgery). This diagram shows small cuts for gallbladder removal

Learn more about gallstones and gallbladder surgery here.  


Mr Griffiths was consultant lead for the CholeS study.

The CholeS study (with the West Midlands Research Collaboration) is a multicentre UK and Irish audit looking at the outcomes of cholecystectomy.   Read more here.

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